The Margaret Hills Team

We rarely have the opportunity to meet the vast majority of people who contact us, so let us introduce ourselves.  Our practitioners are: 

Julia (or one of her team) will look after your personal treatment plan.  You can contact them via email/letter or book a consultation either in person or on the telephone. For further information please ring the office or browse the webpage at

Christine now has limited availability for one-to-one consultations so all new enquiries will be directed to Julia. However, there may be some availability for existing clients of Christine's to continue to see her personally. 

When you first contact the Clinic, your call is likely to be answered by Sage or Jodie who help with queries and orders, and can often help you decide on the best way to proceed.

Visitors to our health and lifestyle store in Kenilworth town centre will be welcomed by members of the team: Lydia, Angie and Lorena.  They have accumulated vast knowledge on all kinds of health issues and can access a thorough database where a wealth of information and potential solutions are presented.  You just have to ask!

Orders are packed and despatched by Elaine with great efficiency.  Elaine is a hard taskmaster, aiming at perfection; we rarely get any complaints in that respect.  Sometimes, she too answers the phone - and is happy to pass on messages.

Christine's husband, Craig, liaises with all the Clinic suppliers, orders the stocks, pays the bills, sorts out our computer problems; in fact, he turns his hand to anything necessary to support the work that we do and is kept incredibly busy - which is how he likes it.