Testing Service

Do you have unexplained symptoms? Functional testing can help to identify the cause.

For example, if a client is showing slow progress with their arthritis, testing may reveal an imbalance within the body that is preventing the improvement of symptoms. Once we have identified the imbalance, we can address it. We would then hope to see improvement of the arthritis.

We have access to a number of nutritional laboratories; the type of tests we commonly perform include:

Stool testing  - Kits are posted direct to you and conducted via a laboratory.
Vitamin D test - Kits are posted direct to you and conducted via a laboratory.
Food Intolerance testing - Conducted at our clinic.
Adrenal Health test - Conducted partly via a laboratory and partly here at our clinic.
Hair mineral analysis - Collected by you and sent away to identify any mineral deficiencies or imbalances, along with the presence of toxic metals.

Many other tests are available. To enquire about a test, please telephone and talk to one of our team. 

When you have a test done through the clinic we ask you to register with us first (if you are not already registered) so that we can give you a comprehensive plan to help overcome any issues that may be identified by the test.