Hi there to all at the Margaret Hills Clinic Just decided, after around 26 years of following your diet to let you know that it works wonders for me

However,  I was scared of getting hooked on painkillers and if the RA  got worse i would probably end up in a wheelchair.  So I went to the library and took out several books on the subject including Treating Arthritis the Drug free Way  ( It was called 'Curing' at that time)   Reading Margaret's story and the subsequent advice really inspired me to drastically change what I was eating.  Following the book I ate  good wholesome food,  plenty of vegetable soups,  used wholemeal bread etc. etc.   After about a year I was pain free and still am  . . . until I stray from the path of righteousness at which point i just take a paracetamol.   
OK  thank you very much for helping me to maintain an active life . . can't imagine where i would be now if I had not found your book! 

Yours faithfully
Jackie Brown