Irreversible? It proved not to be! Within 5 months no pain whatsoever....

...I had read that a change of diet had helped people with arthritis. I also recalled a good friend, Margery, telling me years earlier that diet change had improved her arthritis.  I asked the GP for his views on diet change. He replied that "In all (his) experience as a doctor there was no evidence whatsoever that diet can cure arthritis.” He said this suggestion was entirely anecdotal with no medical evidence to support it.

However, I did not want to spend the rest of my life on painkillers which was the prognoses of my GP. Also as I enjoy walking with the ramblers, I decided to research diet as a viable option, and I  purchased a book titled “Treating arthritis the drug-free way” author Margaret Hills.

Because the suggested diet change seemed highly plausible and a much more attractive option than the NHS had to offer, I followed the advice with quick and remarkable results. Within five months I had no pain whatsoever, and after eight months stiffness in my knee had also gone. It is now over five years later, and I am still entirely free from the crippling pain caused by arthritis.  

In light of this experience, I am convinced much time, and NHS money is wasted on unnecessary painkillers, injections, and operations insofar as doctors seem reluctant to accept there are more natural, cheaper and effective alternatives.

I do tell friends and aquaintances who have arthritis they may want to give the Margaret Hills solution a try, as it worked for me. I lead walks for the Ramblers and do circuit training three times each week and am pain-free. I do point out that changing one's diet is of course, not easy, far from it. But with determination and time, they will adjust, be healthier and arthritis free.

I suggest they google Margaret Hills and visit the website, pointing out Margaret Hills died some years ago, and her daughter now manages the clinic. I also tell them I did pay for a private online consultation which was well worth the money.