RA in right foot

I can speak of rheumatoid arthritis  in one foot.
     I struggled to bend my foot or walk and the pain was like a gnawing, aching sensations. Some of the problem was to do with my foot arch turning inwards and so I had orthotics molded from/to both of my feet. This was about 7 years ago.
     After consultation with Christine Horner I took on her prescriptive advice and coped well with the regime, working at the discipline involved. Over time there was a marked difference in the pain level and discomfort experienced and this induced me to continue with Christine's  treatment albeit more flexibly. I used to drink a lot of orange juice and eat many berries - which were full of uric acid and this contributed towards stiffening of my foot. All this needed to change for a while.
     Now I have the above foods occasionally, and I still have Christine's regime even now as overall it keeps my body flexible and free from  soreness and stiffness.
     Thanks to Christine's knowledge and her particular regime I do not have any pain in my right foot at all and it is very flexible. I feel you have to persevere with the treatment and take the regime seriously to gain good results.

        Mrs Sally Bullock , aged 67 from Leamington Spa.