Maurice Brown wins local Golf Club Championship at 83!

Dear Christine

As a follow up to my phone call to your clinic today I am writing to tell you of my almost unbelievable last couple of weeks.  Over 20 years ago, I had severe pain in my groin, I was hardly able to walk and had to give up golf.  The local physio said I had uric acid crystals on my groin and told me to do exercises and take pain killing tablets.  No success.  Then I was told about the Margaret Hills book; I read it carefully and followed the instructions to a tee.  Epsom salts baths followed for months with supplements from you. 

I am now 83 years old.  A fortnight ago at my local golf club Fortrose and Rosemarkie, I won the Golf Club Championship playing 36 holes on the Saturday and qualifying for the match play the next day.  I won it and the next week on the Saturday played the semi-final and final on the same day, defeated a 28 year old in the semi and a 17 year old in the final, winning the first nine holes and winning the match on the 10th hold.

The Club Council are going to honour my achievement and my name appears in Google under Maurice Brown 83 years old - all over the world.  My grateful thanks goes to your mother's book and advice which gave me such success at my age.  I do not take any pills now and take well-diluted cider vinegar and honey twice a day.

Yours faithfully

Maurice Brown.