Painful thumb

Sandra Jarvis at 22 March 2016

"I just wanted to contact you and tell you how this 'drug free' treatment is working for me. I have had a painful arthritic thumb joint for 5 years which was getting worst. It had got to the point where the joint was extremely swollen, painful and virtually impossible to use. I had made an appointment to visit my GP, and whilst waiting (3 weeks), decided to look online to see if there was another way without taking drugs (which I avoid if I can). I found Margaret Hills book and it spoke volumes to me. I started the 'treatment' right away and after 2 weeks I was able to use my thumb as a 'useful' digit for the first time in about 2 -3 years. Incredible. My husband is amazed as I have been complaining for so long how useless my hand has been without the use of my thumb. So a huge thank you. It's just a shame this advice is not available at the time of diagnosis as it would keep people away from expensive drugs and busy GP practices. My very best wishes to you all.