Jean Bailey, Australia

I suffered from arthritis 20 years ago and was in agony 24 hours a day, then I discovered Curing Arthritis the Drug Free way in my local library, and honestly it felt like Margaret was talking to me. On a visit to my home city of Liverpool I found the book in (believe it or not) in Liverpool Cathedral. And I tell everyone it was a Miracle that it cured my arthritis. And as time goes by, we slip up. So now that my aches and pains are returning I can't find my book, I have lent it to many people and sadly the last person I lent it to hasn't returned it. Is it still available? If so please let me know I need it desperately. Best wishes to you all. Jean Bailey, Australia

Margaret Hills Clinic response: The publishers changed the title of the book to “Treating Arthritis the Drug-Free Way” to comply with legislation. The latest edition was published in 2012 and is available from our website shop: