P Lowe

Dear Christine

Just writing to tell you that I feel sure the arthritis left my body a while ago.

In my file you will only have scrappy little notes to you, noting when I stopped taking pain-killers, when I was glad to be able to roll over in bed without difficulty, etc.

I’m sorry to have kept in touch so briefly, but coping with a 90-year old husband, as well as two diets, took up much of my time.

The left knee I was concerned about – that a further operation was looming – is now pain free, I was discharged from the hospital two months ago.

At present I am finishing my last order of Protein, etc. and working into my diet very gradually, foods that have been forbidden.

I plan to keep on with cider vinegar, honey, alfalfa tablets just now, reducing this slowly – perhaps you have some advice to offer on this?

Thank you for your wonderful clinic – and advice – and promptness when reordering.
May God bless you all!

P M Lowe