M Selby

When I started your treatment I had spondylitis in my neck (don't know how to spell that, sorry), gout in my big toe and niggling pains in the joints of my fingers (the worst were my 2 middle fingers which were difficult to bend and swollen).

As I would rather not go down the route of medication without trying other things I decided to read the Margaret Hills book which I had had for about 3 years!

I had a chat at your clinic and finally ordered the things I needed.  I am just about vegan so used soya milk instead of milk.  It took me a while to get into a proper routine and didn't notice much difference for quite a while.  Into the 2nd year I was disappointed that my middle fingers were still flaring up from time to time although I generally felt better and most of the other problems had receded.  After about 2 1/2 years I suddenly realised that I no longer had joint pain and no swelling and I could straighten my middle fingers. It was a great moment and I'm glad I persevered for so long (I had hoped it would only take a year).

My friends got used to me and my restrictive (but not boring) diet.  I was able to join them when eating out and I just worked around the menu, sometimes bringing my own 'protein' to put with a couple of starters.  Apple juice with ice stopped people feeling sorry for me when I refused wine.  I more or less still keep to the diet as I don't want my arthritis back but I have the odd treat every now and again.  I think tomatoes and oranges are probably a no-no forever (pity I used to love them). 

You can use my name if you like and I don't mind if a patient wants to contact me.