Jan Beattie, Age 79

I cannot thank you enough for the improvement I have experienced in my health since following the treatment advocated for Arthritis. Just over two years ago Xrays confirmed the need for a replacement hip. Due to earlier surgery for melanoma, I was resolved to avoid further surgery – in spite of great pain & waling restriction - & was mentally preparing in the longer term for need of a mobility scooter.
I had some years previously purchased your booklet, however, just over two years ago I started to take cider vinegar and honey (religiously!). I avoided taking pain killers & drank a lot of water. It was 3 months or so before I felt improvement, however after that I was walking much more freely & by 1 year almost free of pain. I was aware that (hard) crystals were being passed in urine at that time – and on occasions since then (evident in overnight use of a commode) & found that to be further evidence & was encouraged.

I am 79 years of age and otherwise in very good health. Having golfed all my life I gave up playing 2 years ago. Now I can enjoy my next most enjoyable pastime – walking daily in our beautiful countryside - & I will always be grateful to you beyond measure.

I have written to Arthritis Research to record this and question why controlled trails have yet to be done on this – no doubt the drugs industry wouldn’t be interested. I did read an article in the No.160 edition of Arthritis Today re “Gout as a form of Arthritis caused by formation of sodium urate crystals” Another very interesting article in “DukeHealth.org” re Uric Acid which completely backs your theory – why is it taking so long to be generally advocated?