J Muldoon

It is now nearly a year since I contacted Margaret Hills Clinic in some degree of desperation following the onset of both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.
Confronted with a future full of pain and restricted movement, the strength in my hands  had become greatly diminished and my fingers were swollen, I was very stiff, after sitting in my chair for thirty minutes I had difficulty in getting up.

I started on the Margaret Hills Acid Free Diet in August 2006 after a few weeks the swelling in my fingers became diminished and the pain began to fade, by Christmas 2006 I was pain free throughout my body, I have no stiffness at all.

It is not an easy road to go down, it is a tough regime but the reward is enormous, I now lead a normal life, which includes an occasional glass of wine and a return to my beloved yoga class.

I feel like I have escaped a prison sentence.