Testimonial via our shop: Nicola has had an amazing response to the Aloe Arborescens Gel after just one use! She was suffering from a very painful scalp due to the chemotherapy treatment and had been unable to sleep for days, she is feeling much better today. Find it under heading "Herbal Supplements".

Painful scalp

Over 20 years ago I had had to give up golf and was hardly able to walk.

Maurice Brown wins local Golf Club Championship at 83!

I started getting painful backache two years after my husband died at age 44. The pain spread throughout my whole body so eventually I had to go to the doctors and he gave me Diclofenac which helped a little. As the pain got worse, I was then given another painkiller which helped a little again. I had to go back to the doctors again as I was getting really bad stomach pains; he then gave me Omeprazole. I was getting really crippled and for an ex-athlete it was really depressing. Sport was the only thing that had kept me going after my husband died. I then paid for an MRI scan and was told that I would soon be in a wheelchair. "There was nothing to help me" said the specialist. This made me angry as it was now a few years taking pills and not getting better. I decided to do something about it and stopped off at the local library. I went to the Health Section and 'lo and behold' your Mum's back popped out at me. I sat and read it from start to finish. I immediately ...

Painful backache