S.C.E.N.A.R Therapy

S.C.E.N.A.R therapy (Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulation) addresses not only the systemic pathology but also the central nervous system involvement, i.e. the psycho-emotional effect of conditions.  In harmonising the whole body, treatment aims to alleviate stress, leading to normalisation of sleep and appetite, etc., as well as relieving pain.  Normally the body can restore itself but as we get older, this ability becomes weaker and may even malfunction, so that the body cannot recover without additional help.  This technology has the potential ability to help the body recover from many conditions and diseases as well as relieving pain and correcting malfunction.

Our SCENAR-COSMODIC® device employs 46 biofeedback* mechanisms involving both the local and central nervous systems to restore function and alleviate pain. This speedy exchange of information enables the quickest possible improvement.

*Biofeedback:  Cells throughout the body oscillate or “vibrate”, carrying important information about disease.  The device identifies these oscillations and inputs the correct electrical signals to facilitate the ability of the body to restore itself at cellular level.

We find the following three therapies to be the most powerful in alleviating pain and improving function of the body’s systems, organs, joints, muscles, etc.

SCENAR Therapy + Low Level Laser + Therapeutic Blanket

SCENAR Therapy          SCENAR-COSMODIC® EX735Ag Modific

Low Level Laser            Q1000

EnerBalance therapeutic blanket

Treatment will feature one, two or all three of the above, at therapist’s discretion.
Professional treatments may be enhanced in some circumstances by ongoing treatment at home.  Devices are available for home use.  The devices are imported and prices may vary depending on the exchange rate.  Contact us for prices if you are interested: 01926 854783