Our Ethos

All our products and the companies we choose to deal with are carefully selected with both quality and price in mind.

We use and supply supplements with a high standard of quality checks so they are always pure, free from contaminants, free from artificial additives or sweeteners, or any unnecessary fillers or binding agents.
With nutritional supplements you tend to get what you pay for.  Many of the cheaper brands we have found to be ineffective and there is often compromise on quality somewhere down the line.  However, we are also aware of the limited budgets most people have, so we can individually advise on ways round this.  For example, our first point of call is food, encouraging people to do what they can with the tools of their diet.  We focus on educating people to choose the right kind of healing foods; in some cases, simple dietary changes mean that supplements are not necessary.

The product selection we carry for natural body care covers all budgets.  Most of the products will suit even the most stressed skin and the ingredients are carefully scrutinized for their purity and source.  Our philosophy is plant-sourced ingredients, nothing synthetic.  Nature provides everything needed for a good quality, nourishing skin care product.

Responsible advice

All staff are knowledgeable and willing to assist you with supplement choices, helping you find the solution to your health problem.  In some cases, they may refer you to our Clinic for professional and personal advice.