Nutritional Therapy

Over thirty years ago Margaret Hills used what is now called nutritional therapy to bring herself back to health, recovering from both osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis. She wrote the book Treating Arthritis the Drug-Free Way and opened her clinic in order to help others do the same.

Today the Margaret Hills clinic still uses nutritional therapy to help people recover from all kinds of health problems. Diet and lifestyle factors are looked at, along with stress and emotional aspects of a person’s health and a comprehensive programme is then tailored to that individual person’s needs. Functional tests may also be recommended in order to identify what may be underlying a person's symptoms.

We aim to promote wellbeing and educate the client to continue good health after they have solved their current problems.

It is our belief that your health is very much affected by the food you eat (or don’t eat). Having said that, we try to make such changes as achievable as possible for the client and make adaptations to suit their lifestyle and tastes.

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