Medical Thermal Imaging- Free Talk: Monday 1st July 11am-1pm
Posted On: 01-07-2019
Medical thermography (thermal imaging) is a system using a highly technical and non-contact infrared camera to capture and record temperature variations on the skin.  The surface of the skin provides vital information that is directly influenced by complex metabolic and vascular activity, including micro-circulation, below the surface via the sympathetic nervous system. Thermography does not see or diagnose cancer, rather changes from normal variations may be recognised as assymetric, abnormal or suspicious physiology or function.
This monitoring affords detection of even subtle changes that, although not independently diagnostic, may precede anatomical findings by years and prompt early investigation and prevention.

As there is no single known test capable of monitoring all complex anatomical and biological influences of disease, monitoring with additional testing such as ultrasound, MRI, mammography or other testing as recommended by the person’s personal physician is advised.