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A friend of mine was told she had to have a hip replacement. I told her that I'd come to the clinic and gone on the Margaret Hills diet - to which she said "I couldn't possibly do it because of the family and I couldn't cook a separate meal for myself". However, 2 months later I saw her and she said "After I left you I went to the health shop; as soon as I opened the door Margaret Hills' book jumped out at me. I've been on the diet every since and so have my family. We all feel so much better. I have more energy, can walk upstairs instead of crawling up on all fours; I can walk for an hour and a half instead of walking a quarter of an hour and being crippled for three days." That's not all - there's more...

Hip Replacement, or maybe not

I struggled to bend my foot or walk and the pain was like a gnawing, aching sensations.

RA in right foot
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