There are a number of ways to register with the Clinic. A questionnaire will need to be filled out in all instances – via our website at: https://www.margarethillsclinic.com/Questionnaire.aspx or we can forward a paper one on request – call 01926 854783.

N.B. If you already have a customer account, please log in before completing the questionnaire.

1.    Face-to-face/Telephone:                    £80 first hour then pro-rata thereafter (we allow up to 2 Hours)

Phone or email to arrange a suitable appointment and complete the on-line questionnaire, or return a completed paper copy, in advance of this. Fee to be paid at the time of the appointment.


2.    Advice in Writing (via post or email): £100

Complete online questionnaire and submit the fee on-line, or return a completed paper questionnaire and telephone with card payment details.

Follow-up Consultations

Follow- up consultations are charged according to the length of the appointment at a rate of £80 per hour pro-rata.

Energetic Treatments

Energetic treatments are charged according to the length of the appointment at a rate of £80 per hour pro-rata.Therapeutic Multilayer Blanket (TMB-01) Session

TMB sessions are charged at £12 per 20 minute session.


Treatment Reviews

You may be asked to have a review within a certain length of time. This could be because a discussion is needed, for example, if:

·        you are taking certain medications on prescription

·        you have been taking a supplement for a specific duration

·        you have needed to persevere with a programme for maximum effect

Please take care to follow this advice and book your review in plenty of time. The review can be face-to-face, or by telephone - £80 per hour pro-rata

Face-to-face review – payable on appointment  

Telephone review – please phone in at the appointed time with your card details – to be charged accordingly.

Update Questionnaire

In some instances, you may be asked to complete an Update Questionnaire. This is for your own safety as you:


·        may have a new diagnosis

·        may need a new nutritional programme

·        may have lapsed in your contact with our Clinic for more than a year – a lot can happen that needs to be reviewed

Update Questionnaire fee - £60

E-mail and letter correspondence

Please be patient - it is not possible to answer e-mails and letters within a specified length of time due to having consultations throughout each day. If you have an urgent query, do book an appointment. We are very busy and just run out of time no matter how simple the query may seem!