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Hi there to all at the Margaret Hills Clinic Just decided, after around 26 years of following your diet to let you know that it works wonders for me

It was in my mid-50s, I began noticing increasing pain in my hands when carrying out certain actions. The thumb joints were particularly affected, especially in the right hand (I’m right-handed). Among the actions that were becoming increasingly painful were: writing; turning a key in the lock; turning on the shower; cutting my nails, wringing out a cloth, etc. In 2006, following X-Rays and blood tests, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in the hands. I tried glucosamine for about four months, but it didn’t help. According to my GP, the only conventional treatments at that time were anti-inflammatories, or cortisone injections. I decided to explore complementary approaches, and found two that seemed promising for my symptoms – one was acupuncture, which I didn’t much like the sound of (though I have subsequently met people whom it has helped), the other was nutritional...

Osteoarthritis in hands - my reflections at Dec 2018
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