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Eileen Taylor - New Hampshire, United States

Now I am free from pain and I am able to walk normally. It has given me a new lease of life as some other minor ailments that I had have also been healed. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone!

Sister Frances Walter

“I have felt so well and full of life”

Don Rainbow (age 84)

I’m pushing the world over at the moment; it started with me spring cleaning and painting the pantry; it’s ended with me painting all the woodwork throughout the house, plus emulsioning the lounge and kitchen. I feel on top of the world, so I think now is the time to stop coming to the Clinic.

Margaret & Brian Hopkins, September 2010

I have been able to resume all my normal activities and I run, swim, go to the gym and go fell walking. It is worth mentioning that despite lifelong problems with asthma and some dermatitis, I now have no significant problem with either of these. I cannot thank you enough...


I owe Margaret Hills an enormous debt of gratitude... It really was true to its word and I am so very grateful and cannot thank you enough.

Mary W.

Life is so much brighter now without the PAIN – please tell all ‘newcomers’ NEVER to give up – it really is worth the discipline required.

Heather S.

“I am quite well at the moment and have not had any twinges for quite some time. I still take the cider vinegar for a month or so if I get any twinges and contact you for capsules and protein if I get more than just a twinge.”

Tommy G., 2013

I have recommended your book to many of my patients. I am sure they will reap the benefits if they follow your instructions in this book.

Dr. K., Plymouth

I shall be forever grateful to Margaret for her vision and determination and hope that my story will help in some small way.The medical profession state that there is no cure for arthritis and the NHS wastes valuable resources dealing with the consequences of this debilitating disease, with expensive drugs and operations, to say nothing of the unnecessary suffering of their patients, when the solution is so much simpler.

Jennifer Jackson

I have been on the Margaret Hills programme for nearly three years now and am virtually pain-free.

Liz Hasthorpe

Cured herself 20 years ago having been in agony 24 hours a day.

Jean Bailey, Australia

After 2 weeks, Sandra's arthritic thumb joint of 5 years duration was so much better.

Painful thumb

I was first aware of a hip problem back in 2003 and by 2011 there was little option other than waiting for a replacement and it was then I started to follow the advice in Margaret Hills Book. I now have almost 100% recovery of the hip.

Simon Griffin

Bernice refused to go on medication but followed advice given in Treating Arthritis the Drug Free Way.

Pain was severe and stiffness in every joint of my body

Traditional doctors (highly respected Rheumatologists) have told me this is my lot in life and I will need to stay on the anti-inflammatory drugs. It was my family doctor (who was really concerned about my lifetime use of the drug) who suggested Margaret Hills to me, saying she has many patients who have had success with it. Julie F. 17 Aug 2017

Family doctor in USA - Arthritis

A friend of mine was told she had to have a hip replacement. I told her that I'd come to the clinic and gone on the Margaret Hills diet - to which she said "I couldn't possibly do it because of the family and I couldn't cook a separate meal for myself". However, 2 months later I saw her and she said "After I left you I went to the health shop; as soon as I opened the door Margaret Hills' book jumped out at me. I've been on the diet every since and so have my family. We all feel so much better. I have more energy, can walk upstairs instead of crawling up on all fours; I can walk for an hour and a half instead of walking a quarter of an hour and being crippled for three days." That's not all - there's more...

Hip Replacement, or maybe not

Terence writes: In 2014, without warning at the age of 75, I suddenly developed severe pains in my left knee. After a GP visit and X-ray I was diagnosed with the onset of osteoarthritis and was told it was age related. My GP told me the condition was chronic and irreversible. He told me the treatment was painkillers then stronger painkillers, followed by - if necessary - injections into my knee, and ultimately an operation. The operation he confirmed would be keyhole surgery. I told him I did not want any of these options and he repeated the condition was irreversible...

Irreversible? It proved not to be! Within 5 months no pain whatsoever....

It was in my mid-50s, I began noticing increasing pain in my hands when carrying out certain actions. The thumb joints were particularly affected, especially in the right hand (I’m right-handed). Among the actions that were becoming increasingly painful were: writing; turning a key in the lock; turning on the shower; cutting my nails, wringing out a cloth, etc. In 2006, following X-Rays and blood tests, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in the hands. I tried glucosamine for about four months, but it didn’t help. According to my GP, the only conventional treatments at that time were anti-inflammatories, or cortisone injections. I decided to explore complementary approaches, and found two that seemed promising for my symptoms – one was acupuncture, which I didn’t much like the sound of (though I have subsequently met people whom it has helped), the other was nutritional...

Osteoarthritis in hands - my reflections at Dec 2018

I read the article below about Sir Ralph Fiennes and immediately adopted the Margret Hills remedy. Six months on, I have practically no pains in my hands or feet...

Geoff Chown

I cannot thank you enough for the improvement I have experienced in my health since following the treatment advocated for Arthritis. Just over 2 years ago Xrays confirmed the need for a replacement hip.

Jan Beattie, Age 79

I have been pain-free ever since. I would like to thank you for all the help you have given me.

M. L. Bearsden 13.03.13

I don't want my arthritis back but I have the odd treat every now and again

M Selby

Just writing to tell you that I feel sure the arthritis left my body a while ago.

P Lowe

Rheumatoid Arthritis

I CAN HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TREATMENT. I AM NOW 7 MONTH FREE OF PAIN... I walk tall and am fit and healthy thanks to the treatment. It took me just over a year to rid myself of the arthritis. If I can do it, so can anybody else, there is no quick fix BUT IT WORKS.

M Broad, Kent

I feel like I have escaped a prison sentence.

J Muldoon

Robin Clive Bracey here, but people call me Bob. Anyway here is my story. Before 1999 I was a very fit prison officer and had been for the 26 plus years, having joined at age 20. Later on I also held a TA commission at the same time so fitness was my bag. However in 1999/2000 I was discharged unfit for duty with PTSD and in 2006 moved to France and to the French medical services and life improved. Unable to work normal because of memory problems, and having to live a regulated life I was encouraged to restart military type runs, swimming and mountain biking and life was great, until January 2016. I was starting to find an ache lower left back about kidney height and that continued on and off until finally I reported to the clinic on 1st March 2016 and seen by the doctor. Apart from itchy legs, back and arms, which he put down to stress he confirmed more or less what I had thought ... a pulled muscle.

Bob Bracey

I struggled to bend my foot or walk and the pain was like a gnawing, aching sensations.

RA in right foot

In my 50s I had a borderline diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. I had pain and swelling in my fingers and pain in my knees. For walking hills I needed knee pad support. Now, 14 years later I have no problem in my joints ...

Pain and swelling in fingers, pain in knees...

Hi there to all at the Margaret Hills Clinic Just decided, after around 26 years of following your diet to let you know that it works wonders for me

I’d had debilitating pain in my foot for a long time it was steadily getting worse. After taking over the counter anti-inflammatories to no avail I was referred to a Rheumatologist. He asked if I had swelling elsewhere and I showed him inflammation on my knuckle which I presumed was due to knocking it on blinds each day opening a window. He prescribed stronger anti-inflammatories and other tablets to ease the side effects of these and gave me a steroid injection in my knuckle which reduced the swelling, a lot of it being a build up of fluid. I also had some blood tests. At my next appointment my foot was no better, I was also feeling unwell generally throughout my whole system. He advised that while the markers for Rheumatoid Arthritis hadn’t shown up in my blood test, I did have a form of it - Inflammatory Arthritis. He advised I take steroid tablets and if they didn’t work a stronger medication Methotrexate...

NSAIDs, Methotrexate or the drug-free way?

Sheila had been prescribed Methotrexate in summer/autumn 2015 for an inflammatory arthritis but couldn't continue after a few weeks due to liver counts being badly affected. In December 2016, she contacted our clinic saying: Lifting anything fairly heavy or undoing a jar is only done under extreme pain. I fumble around trying to pick up things. Shaking hands is a non-starter! Difficult and painful to dress myself, to press the button on my electric toothbrush, undo the shower gel, brush my hair and put on makeup. Making tea is agony trying to lift the kettle and teapot. Cooking is painful lifting saucepans. Wrapping Christmas presents and using scissors is very difficult. Typing is not pleasant either.

Sheila: Hands are so painful

A few years ago I was so crippled that I spent most of my time on the sofa - but after following the Margaret Hills regime my health was restored and I walked 799 kilometres (496 miles) of the Camino de Santiago de Compostella in Spain!

George Hooks: My Arthritic Journey, from the Sofa to Santiago 9 May 2018

Polymyalgia Rheumatica

I am so thankful that I found Margaret Hills Clinic, for all the help and advice received over the years.

J Fursman

SCENAR Therapy

Following the Scenar treatment on 20th January, my mind has been much more alert and co-ordinated.

Mrs. B.M.C, Cambs 24 Jan 2011

In the last couple of days ... the pain seems to be gradually easing.

44 year old female 05.03.13

Medical diagnosis: “Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy”

Dr. Irina Ershova, head physician of SCENAR Center Moscow saved the life of renowned photographer onboard of KLM airliner.

Scenar saves a life


Testimonial via our shop: Nicola has had an amazing response to the Aloe Arborescens Gel after just one use! She was suffering from a very painful scalp due to the chemotherapy treatment and had been unable to sleep for days, she is feeling much better today. Find it under heading "Herbal Supplements".

Painful scalp

Over 20 years ago I had had to give up golf and was hardly able to walk.

Maurice Brown wins local Golf Club Championship at 83!

I started getting painful backache two years after my husband died at age 44. The pain spread throughout my whole body so eventually I had to go to the doctors and he gave me Diclofenac which helped a little. As the pain got worse, I was then given another painkiller which helped a little again. I had to go back to the doctors again as I was getting really bad stomach pains; he then gave me Omeprazole. I was getting really crippled and for an ex-athlete it was really depressing. Sport was the only thing that had kept me going after my husband died. I then paid for an MRI scan and was told that I would soon be in a wheelchair. "There was nothing to help me" said the specialist. This made me angry as it was now a few years taking pills and not getting better. I decided to do something about it and stopped off at the local library. I went to the Health Section and 'lo and behold' your Mum's back popped out at me. I sat and read it from start to finish. I immediately ...

Painful backache

Psoriatic Arthritis

But the fact of the matter is, the pain of the condition had gone within a year of reading the book and meeting Margaret Hills and touch wood, to this day, I remain well. I owe her a lot and wish that I had made contact long before now so that I could have expressed my gratitude to her personally.

Ian Allcoat

Juvenile Arthritis

This book cured my 19 year old brother of his juvenile arthritis in less than a year.

Via Amazon: Mr. R. Burrows 19 Dec 2007

We have been following for 4 days and we are seeing an improvement already.

Via Amazon: J. Simpson, Norfolk 9 April 2008


After twelve months I can now say I am free from pain, my fingers and elbows are no longer swollen, my blood pressure is the same as someone who is in their twenties (my doctors words) and my cholesterol is now normal.

M.T., Peterbourough

EnerBalance Blanket

Debra says: My mum used it after her lung cancer operation and she was at the time given only a 5% chance of survival, she lived another 13 years and she swore it was the blanket that helped her achieve this.


Vera has a history of anxiety and claustrophobia, and has recently had surgery for breast cancer. She bought a blanket following this surgery and says: "I use my blanket twice most days for at least 20 minutes each time - I feel SAFE in it".



I gave birth to our wonderful perfect baby boy in March 2012 and will forever be grateful to Julia for her wonderful help and support throughout pre-conception, pregnancy and breast feeding. We are now trying for our second baby and I am back for support from Julia again.

Vicky, Warwick

Kidney Stones

Mr. Payn had chronic kidney stones, was in considerable pain, and could only sleep standing up. He finally got a hospital appointment and had an x-ray which confirmed that he was suffering from Kidney Stones. They told him he would have to have an operation to have them removed but told him he would have to wait for a long time for an appointment for the op. During the wait he looked up Kidney Stones online and it recommended apple cider vinegar to treat them. Mr. Payn began taking Braggs cider vinegar and the pain he was experiencing began to improve; he thought this may just be as he was going through a good period but it continued to feel better and better...

Dissolving kidney stones with cider vinegar drinks