Eye Logic dry eye spray - minimum 100 applications

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About This Product

Eye Logic is an effective spray relief for the eyes. The spray offers a fast-acting solution to tired and distressed eyes. Using a revolutionary new system of application and delivery, it's perfectly well balanced to prevent light sensitivity, grittiness and build-up of impurities in the eyes.

The spray can simply be applied directly onto the closed eyes, doing away with the need for drops, lotions or gels. Make-up wearers can also apply the spray in absolute confidence. When used at a sensible distance there is no risk of the spray's pressure interfering with cosmetics or causing makeup to run.

Most importantly of all, the Eye Logic spray is easily able to relieve tired and irritated eyes quickly and conveniently. The spray arrives in a 10ml container and should be sufficient for up to 100 applications. As a premium source of fighting back against the causes and discomfort of dry eye, the Eye Logic spray is a well-loved product. The spray uses a specific design and balanced formula to remove the worst excesses of tiredness, dryness and sensitivity.