The EnerBalance Blanket - Small

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The EnerBalance Blanket

Debra says: "My mum used it after her lung cancer operation and she was at the time given only a 5% chance of survival, she lived another 13 years and she swore it was the blanket that helped her achieve this."

Vera - history of claustrophobia and breast cancer - says: "I feel safe in my blanket!"

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Colour: Cream with a tan piped edging. Size: 5' 3" x 3'7" (160cm x 110cm) - ideal size for children.

There is a certain life energy which circulates in a human being. The human body only functions if it can absorb, accumulate, make use of and emit this energy.

Disturbance of this life energy results in the development of abnormal processes, which appear as disease: anaemia, arthritis, asthma, angina pectoris, auto-immune disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, hypertension, neuroses, psychoses, and so on and on.

Exposure to electrostatic and electromagnetic pollution may cause depletion or lack of life energy which can lead to chronic fatigue or other chronic conditions. The level of chronic illnesses seems to be rising at the same time as levels of pollutants in our environment rise.

Using the blanket helps the body to rebalance its own electrical charge and energy and thus heal itself. The reflected infrared radiation gives a very relaxing and soothing warm feeling, which can re-energise the body and relieve pain.

The EnerBalance Blanket is a stand-alone treatment which is great for any chronic condition. Over time, wrapping up in the blanket reflects the body’s life energy, concentrating it and rebalancing the body, allowing better flow of energy - and rejuvenation.

What does this mean? It ...

• Improves the body’s resistance to disease
• Relieves stress
• Relieves depression
• Relieves constant tiredness
• Improves the mood and feeling of well-being
• Improves hormonal balance
• Promotes better sleep
• Reduces muscular spasm
• Prevents premature ageing

Routine use of the blanket strengthens the health. It can

• Improve the health of aged people
• Improve the health of disabled
• Improve the wellbeing of “incurable” people.
• It can decrease the side effects of drugs

How is it used? Simply wrap yourself in it! This can be a home device enabling daily treatments. Unsure? Why not try a few sessions at Margaret Hills Clinic in Kenilworth and see how you feel. The cost is £12 for 20 minute session.

How does it work? The blanket is made from polyurethane interwoven with various metals to form a film. This screens the body from all external electromagnetic and electrostatic fields, whilst reflecting the body’s own electromagnetic radiation in the infrared and extremely high frequency ranges.