Biopathica Homeopathic Flu Prophylactic (Please contact the clinic to

Biopathica Homeopathic Flu Prophylactic (Please contact the clinic to order)

About This Product


Please order separately from other products as the Flu Prophylactic will be despatched at a later date.

Biopathica Homeopathic Flu Prophylactic: POLYINFLUENZINUM MD    £26.50 ex p&p    

We’d rather not be thinking about next winter just yet but needs must! Before long, the autumn will be upon us along with media advertising for the flu vaccine. This is fine for many people but what about those who do not want to get the flu but equally do not want to have the vaccine?

Of course, a healthy lifestyle and good diet will go a long way to keeping one free from flu but the stresses of everyday life can be enough to cause one to succumb. When you already have significant health problems, additional measures can help.

Some people do not get on well with the flu vaccine or would prefer not to receive it. The homeopathic flu prophylactic is our alternative. It is not an injection but consists of 10 capsules containing flu prophylaxis to be taken at set intervals throughout the year.

As with the vaccine, there are no absolute guarantees that it can protect you from getting influenza. It contains all known strains of flu - over 25 strains - from past seasons.

The manufacturers only produce one batch suitable for the approaching winter so if you want a pack, please contact us now to add your name to our list.

It is usually ready in early November.

We need pre-payment with your order as it is not an unlimited supply and is only appropriate for the coming winter. We will order a pack for each person who has ordered it plus one or two extra. We will do our best to ensure that everyone who needs it can have it.The homeopathic flu prophylactic is also available to people who are not registered with the Clinic so you are welcome to mention it to friends and family who you think it might benefit. Please note: There is a limited supply so don’t delay.