Treating Arthritis the Supplements Guide book

Treating Arthritis the Supplements Guide book

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Treating Arthritis the Supplements Guide by Julia Davies

This book is a thorough exploration of supplements that might help treat arthritis, based on the clinical experience of the Margaret Hills Clinic. It explains why current conventional medical treatments so often fail in the light of the underlying nutritional imbalances which may be contributing factors to arthritis development.

There are 200 types of arthritis which affects 1 in 5 adults in the UK, and one in four of all GP consultations in the UK relates to a musculoskeletal problem. Arthritis and related conditions are the second most common cause of days off work, while just over 70% of people with arthritis meet the legal definition of disabled. The total cost of arthritis in the UK to the NHS and social services is GBP 5.5 billion. These statistics mean that there is tremendous interest in complementary methods of treating arthritis.